about laura

Co-founder and President

At the age of 20, I was working two jobs to make ends meet while I took on a full time schedule in college. The spring of 2001 changed my life and personal finances forever because I came face to face with my financial reality. To finish my degree, I had to take a course in family finance and to pass, I had to track my spending the entire semester. When I put together my spending report for the entire semester I was blown away at just how much money I had coming in and why I always felt broke. What I learned most is that my mindset was making me a slave to money and my two jobs. Not only could I survive on one job, but I also could save money with it. I had more financial power than I realized. With over $12,000 of debt and college graduation coming up, I knew my financial success depended on a mindset shift that could change my financial behavior.

My personal journey, failures, and successes, activated my passion to help other people with their financial dreams.  Since 2001, I have helped thousands of people take control over the money by combining what I learned in my professional training and personal experience. I believe that combination makes for the best teacher, because I have not just studied and taught it, I’ve experienced it.

In 2015, I quit my faculty position with the University of Florida (after an 18 year tenure) to launch Catch Your Money and offer my services on another level. It is my dream and desire to help people just like you or organizations like yours to achieve your financial and business dreams, vision, and mission.  By working through your current financial position, I can help you create strategies to maximize your financial capacity both personally and professionally.

5x National Award Winning Facilitator & Coach
Expert in Personal Finance & Strategic Business Planning
M.S. in Family Financial Planning, B.S. in Family, Youth & Community Sciences
20+ yrs Experience Helping People Just Like You
Taught Over 100,000 and Coached Over 1000 Individuals.
Secured Over $1 Million in Grant Funds

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