If ever there is an example of divine connections, Laura’s and Selena’s is definitely one of them. In the Spring of 2006, Selena, a sophomore at University of Florida, learned about a paid summer internship that was available in her home town. While she was completely unfamiliar with the university’s Extension Services program, making extra money while meeting a college credit in her mind was a win-win. It was through this internship that she met Laura, faculty with the university whose specialty was teaching people about money their personal finances. While Selena did not know a lot about personal finance, she figured it couldn’t hurt to apply. After the interview, they both decided that she would be a good fit for the position. Little did they know, this was the beginning of a great friendship and a bigger plan for both of their lives.

Through that internship, Laura mentored Selena in teaching personal finance and helping others reach their financial goals. This would ultimately lead to Selena to changing direction in her educational goals to focus in on the area of personal finance. As she worked on her master’s degree, Selena got a job working alongside Laura’s mother as she worked for the university state personal finance specialist. Through this position, Laura and Selena continued working together through statewide projects for the next 7 years. In 2012, Selena joined a direct sales company, Premier Designs. With her success at making money with Premier, she excitedly shared on Facebook and Laura saw the post. After a phone conversation about it, Laura decided to join Premier, too. Now the two were working alongside each other together, figuring out how to make their direct sales business profitable. Both balanced working full-time and part-time with the direct sales business. Not too long after they both quit their full-time jobs to pursue God’s plan for their lives, using their direct sales business to make that transition.

We help women in direct sales, shift from making a hobby income to building a profitable business, all while maximizing their personal income and transform in their relationship with God.

In 2016, Catch Your Money was launched, offering online courses and coaching services in personal and business finances.  In 2018, after prayerful consideration, decided to shift the brand to serve specifically women in direct sales.  Many women join their direct sales business to meet a financial need, but many of them struggle to get there. Catch Your Money’s main mission is to help women build a profitable business, all while learning how to maximize their personal finances. Laura and Selena know that God put them together over 12 years ago, nurtured their professional experience in both personal finances and business, so they would become a vessel to pour into other women and the plans God has for them too.

Our Mission and Purpose

At Catch Your Money, we believe in and are committed to:

  • Honoring God first in all things;
  • Serving women with excellence and putting them always before our profits;
  • Empowering women direct sellers to successfully renew their mindset using the God’s word and build a profitable business that helps them fulfill their divine call, purpose and excel financially; 
  • Enriching the lives by using a percentage of Catch Your Money’s revenue to give back supporting missions such as foster care needs, eliminating sex trafficking and domestic abuse.
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“2016 I can say was the toughest year for me and has forever change the face of my life! Laura is a heaven sent angel and truly phenomenal! She is a wonderful coach with the right drive, motivation, and always will keep it real with you. She has forever changed my life for the better. I promise you if you do the work, take it serious, then she will do the same in your life!”

Gary Jackson
, Solo Solutions

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