Earn Cash Back on Your Holiday (and Everyday) Shopping with Ebates

For the past 5 years, I have been earning cash back with Ebates on (almost) all of my online shopping. I thought that with Christmas right around the corner, you might want to earn cash back, too! 

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a merchant referral site that offers you cash back on purchases that you make from merchants on their site. The merchants pay Ebates a referral fee, then Ebates passes a portion of the money back to you! They have hundreds of stores on their site, including Target, Walmart, Kohls, Staples, Gap, Old Navy… I could go on and on. The point is, if you need to do online shopping, the store is likely on Ebates.

How do I get started on Ebates?

It is so easy! Click on any of the Ebates links in this article, and you will be directed to the site. (Disclaimer: This is my personal referral link, so I will earn a $5 referral cash back bonus if you sign up through my link and make a qualifying purchase. If you have a friend you would rather sign up through, ask them for their link!) Enter your email address and a password in the form that pops up, and click the “Start Shopping” button. On the left hand side of the site, you will see a sidebar where you can browse stores by category or select the store you want from a dropdown menu. Click on the store you want and you will be directed to that store’s site. That’s it! When you make a purchase, Ebates credits 1% to %25 of your purchase back to you. You will also earn an automatic $10 when you sign up and make your first qualifying purchase! Plus, you earn extra cash back bonuses when you refer friends!

When will I get my money?

Ebates pays out every three months, in May, August, November, and February. If you have earned less than $5.01 cash back, excluding “bonus money,” they will roll your payment over to the next quarter. You can opt to get your payment by check or through your PayPal account. You can also opt to donate your cash back to your favorite charity, organization, or a family member.

Things to Remember

I would be remiss if I did not remind you of some shopping savings tips:

  • Don’t let sales prices or cash-back offers entice you to spend more money than you had planned on spending or purchase items that you had not planned on buying.
  • If you did not plan on buying the item in the first place, you are not saving any money by buying it on sale – you are just spending extra money.
  • Look for every possible way to save online! By shopping through Ebates, you will get cash back, but don’t forget to add in your coupon codes to save extra money! Do a quick Google search for coupon codes for the store you are shopping at. You may find percent off and/or free shipping coupons. The more money saved, the better!

So remember to go through Ebates when you need to do your online shopping, and you will save (and earn) money! Enjoy!


Selena Garrison is a Financial Coach and Trainer for The Royer Consultancy and Catch Your Money! She can be reached at admin@CatchYourMoney.com.