Fundraising: Using Your Direct Sales Business to Give Back

As a direct sales business owner, one of my favorite ways to leverage my business is through charitable giving. Whether I am donating a percentage of my overall income to a nonprofit I love or using a specific business event to raise money for a cause that is near and dear to a client, I am always able to give more through my business than I would be through my personal finances.

If you are direct sales business owner and have never thought of utilizing your business to give back, I highly suggest doing so for 2 reasons:

  1. There is a huge sense of personal satisfaction in using the business God has gifted you with to help someone else. I love to be able to look back at the end of the year and see how much I have been able to give away through my business.
  2. Strategically using fundraising in your business will allow you to reach audiences that you would not have reached otherwise, thus expanding your circle of influence. I can look back to 2015 and see that 65% of my business that year came through contacts I met at a fundraising event at the end of 2014 where I made ZERO personal profit.

So, how does this whole fundraising thing work? I will walk you through what I do, and then you can pick pieces that work for you or come up with some ideas of your own!

  1. Every single month, I save space on my calendar for 1-2 fundraising events. I have a jewelry business, so I get to the “booking” part of jewelry presentation (whether in person or online), I ask my clients to tell me one or two organizations/causes that are important to them. I let them know that I love to give back and would be so happy to help raise money for a cause that is important to them. I also advertise available fundraiser slots on my social media and in my private VIP Jewelry Lovers Facebook Group.
  2. I offer a percentage of my profit from the fundraiser to whatever cause my clients wants to support. My personal standard is 50% of my net profit, but sometimes I give more depending on the cause. One beautiful part to owning my own business is that I get to make those decisions!
  3. I offer an additional “bonus” to the organization or cause for every additional jewelry event that is booked and held from that fundraiser. My standard is an extra $25 toward the organization/cause from the profit of each booking once it has been held, but I have also tried out donating a percentage of profit from each additional event. I have scheduled so many jewelry events with people who never would have scheduled one but wanted to help the cause! Several of those people have even ended up joining my team!
  4. My company has a very generous hostess plan where the person hosting the event gets back a large percentage of their sales in free jewelry. I then coach my client in how to use the free product earned from the fundraiser to raise additional money (if she so desires). For example, one client had a silent auction with all of her free jewelry and raised an additional $500 for her organization. Another sold raffle tickets for 3 beautiful baskets she put together with several sets that she received for free and raised over $400 in additional funds for her cause. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination.

Whether you are brand new to direct sales or have been in the business for years, leveraging your business for fundraising can be a game changer. People love to work with generous business owners and branding yourself as someone who loves to give back can be a huge catalyst for your business. Plus, all that charitable giving is a nice tax-deduction at the end of the year! Leveraging your business for fundraising is a win/win!

Selena Garrison is a direct sales entrepreneur, financial coach and COO of Catch Your Money! She can be reached at