Managing Money Isn’t as Hard as You Think

For the past few days, I’ve been really thinking about WHY so many people struggle with money. They are either dissatisfied, stressed, worried, overwhelmed or just flat out ignore their current situation.

The truth is every single one of us can be financially successful, but there is one thing holding us back – ourselves. We are what truly gets in the way of our own success and if you want more for you and your life, then you must decide – do you really want to do what it takes to make it happen? It’s going to require discipline, mindset shifts, proper goal setting and execution.

Managing your money is not rocket science. It’s not hard or impossible. But it sure isn’t sexy and it requires the one thing we don’t want to give it – time. Many put off addressing their financial concerns because of denial, not knowing where to start, or are waiting for more money to come in to get on track.

A bigger truth is if you don’t deal with this money thing now, it only gets worse. And if you do receive a raise or increase in income, you’ll bring your current habits to it and in less than 6 months feel the same way you do now.

So again, I ask you, “Are you willing to make the changes necessary to own your financial success?” If so, here’s where I suggest starting.

  1. Track your spending – not just for 30 days (as everyone else says) but all the time. Get receipts, write it down, snap pictures of what you spend, use an app – whatever you choose, just identify where every dollar is going.
  2. Create a budget – create a plan for where to spend your money. It’s really that simple. Identify major categories like food or housing, determine what each item costs and identify if you have a shortage. Be sure to allocate each dollar earned to go somewhere in your budget because no money should be leftover (savings should be a part of your budget).
  3. Look for ways to decrease expenses, increase your income or do both – If your budget isn’t balancing, these are the only ways to fix it and make it balance. There are great resources out there for dollar stretching and making money from home (and be sure to check back because we’ll be writing about it here too) so find some and apply it to your financial plan.
  4. Stop Using Credit – if you’re using credit, debt is killing your success. You’re borrowing your future life and becoming a slave to that lender. Stop buying things you cannot afford! You do not know what your financial situation will be in the future, so borrowing against is a risk you really cannot afford to keep taking.
  5. Cut Impulse spending – get rid of buying in the moment. This is where you quickly lose sight of current financial needs and forget about what that money in your bank account is really needed for.
  6. Pay your bills on time – it’s simple, late fees are a complete waste of money. If you would designate a specific day and time each week (aka money date) to pay bills, you wouldn’t forget about what is due or miss a payment.

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Laura Royer is a financial coach, trainer and founder/CEO of Catch Your Money. She can be reached at